Handled Sand/Seed Bottle & Holder

01-750HB (Handled Bottle) with 01-501SH (Slotted Holder)

SB800 (Handled Bottle) with HO501 (Slotted Holder)





Also fits in the Club Car® holder!

Introducing the newly designed, handled sand/seed bottle.

Offers the same great features as all of the Missouri River Plastics Sand & Seed bottles:

  • Mounts to your existing fleet of golf carts, tractors, forklifts or boats
  • Convenient bottom fill bottle design
  • Rattle-proof bottle and holder

But, with the introduction of the new handle design, provides even more benefits:

  • Handle location on the same side of the spout creates a more controlled pour
  • Easier to grip and control for players, especially women and seniors
  • Increases simplicity and efficiency for operators
  • Offers even more control during refills
  • Fits in the newly designed Club Car® Holder
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