Includes high-impact plastic scoop

Mounting your Buckitz
Size: 14″H x 12″W x 9″D
Weight: 1lb. 14oz.
Capacity: 2 gal.

For Mounting onto a Club Car Precedent car.

Brackets for mounting onto a Club Car Precedent car.

Buck-Itz adds convenience to home, work and play.

A lightweight and portable way to expand storage to just about any vehicle you own. Since Buck•Itz was introduced to the golf industry in 2005, individuals and companies around the country have enjoyed the flexibility and convenience this durable container offers. Since then, many containers have found their way to other markets including construction, lawn & garden, fishing and more.
Great for hauling tools.

Mounting is Easy!

Each Buck-Itz come with a Quick-Mount Bracket for easy top or side installation. Once the bracket is in place you’re ready to load and hit the road.

Load your Buck-Itz with any gear or material.
Easily remove Buck-Itz from one location.
Position your Buck-Itz on any vehicle. That’s it!


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