About Us

Since forming in the fall of 2000, Missouri River Plastics has become an innovative supplier of plastic products for work and play. Missouri River Plastics are committed to providing their customers exactly what they want, an innovative product that is durable, functional and affordable.
In 6 short years they have grown from a small company with modest sales to an innovative supplier with regional and national contracts. 2007 ushered in a new distribution facility in Broomfield, Colorado capable of handling even larger volumes.

Below are a few milestones that represent the Missouri River Plastics philosophy towards product innovation and customer interaction.

Rattle Proof Design

In the spring of 2001, we realized that many golf courses were in need of a Sand & Seed Bottle that was not only durable but didn’t “rattle” when the car was in motion. After testing dozens of prototypes we discovered a simple, yet effective design that solved the problem.

Since it’s introduction, dozens of golf courses around the country began upgrading their fleet of cars with our new “Rattle Proof” design.

In 2002 we acquired another Sand & Seed Bottle supplier. This supplier specialized in bottom-feed bottles, with some models containing a “Grip Neck”. This acquisition allowed us to expand our product line and introduce the new “Rattle Proof” and “Grip Neck” designs to new regions.

BuckitzWith our new bottles flying off the shelves, we were able to concentrate on a new request. A container to transport larger volumes of sand/seed mixture. Something sturdy, portable and easy to mount. By summer we had a winner. The new Buck-Itz. This portable container was received so well in the golf industry, we soon had inquiries from industrial and recreational markets. It seems to be creating it’s own markets.

The past years have presented us with many challenges and rewards, and we thank our customers for the opportunities. But rather than settle with what we have, our team has jumped into our next project. We have begun “retrofitting” our bottom fill bottles to make them “rattle-proof”. Look for these new designs in the very near future.

Our sand & seed bottles were tested by GolfTest USA and received their “Seal of Excellence” . We are the only sand bottle manufacturer to have received this distinguished honor.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better we recently improved our sand & seed bottle holder. Although subtle, this change is being welcomed by all users. The new convenient capacity window on the front allows for easy viewing of your bottle and also helps during installation.

Need an easy way to expand storage on your golf bag or cart? Look no further. Introducing KaddieKlip, a lightweight solution that simply clips anywhere. No assembly or mounting required, just clip & go. Easily stores 16 ounces of anything you choose including 7 golf balls or sand/seed mix. Each 13″ KaddieKlip is water-tight and constructed of durable plastic.

A lightweight and affordable solution to weed control. The WeedSaber is durable, portable and can carry 8 ounces of your favorite herbicide solution. That’s enough to cover over 400 sq. ft., depending on weed density. The extra-long shaft, 33″, allows application without stooping or bending while out low profile applicator prevents “spray-drift.”. Each WeedSaber also includes a spare applicator tip.

GolfClean Interior

Announcing the acquisition of the GolfClean® unit – the only ball and club cleaner on the market with heat-fused non-abrasive bristle brushes (No abrasive bristles or staples to rust or damage your clubs and balls). The Golf Clean unit is also the only ball and club cleaner with a sonic welded ball retainer handle.

01-750HB (Handled Bottle) with 01-501SH (Slotted Holder)

Introducing the newly designed, handled sand/seed bottle. The product offers the same great features of all Missouri River Plastics Sand & Seed bottles while providing added benefits from the new handled-design, like: better grip, efficiency and control while pouring and refilling as well as compatibility with the Club Car® holder.

On November 1, Missouri River Plastics acquired Accessories and Specialties, the largest manufacturer of golf car information holders in the world. The acquisition allowed Missouri River Plastics to expand its offerings of golf car accessories and increase its customer base.

Recycling Bins

Missouri River Plastics adds Plastic Recycle Bins to the product portfolio. The recycle bins are available in four (4) different colors (red, blue, black and green).

Missouri River Plastics signs an exclusive distribution agreement with Shadys Golf Car Sunscreen Company. Shadys offers customizable mesh golf car shade and rain canopies that can be attached to all golf car models. The agreement allows Missouri River Plastics to add to its golf car accessories offering.

New for 2013, Missouri River Plastics added the Golf Car Divot Rack that was designed to simplify divot repair and enhance golf course playability. Store up to 15 handled and non-handled bottles at once either mounted on your cart or as a stand along unit; the Golf Car Divot Rack is the only refillable divot bottle rack you will ever need.

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